Pakarnnaattam is an ancient Indian method of performance where the role of one is being enacted by another. It is roughly translated as Transferred Action.

The film revolves around three characters. Sudhi murders another just for the reason that he belongs to an opposite political party. He is carrying out the diktat of his party. Thomas confesses Sudhi’s crime and is awarded death penalty by the court.  He too is carrying out the diktat of the same political party. Meera is the one who forsakes her family to be with Thomas.
The plot reaches a point where there is no way out to save Thomas, the innocent waiting to be hanged. Party has ‘certain limitations’, eye witnesses scared of the consequences of telling the truth. And Thomas is perplexed between party loyalty and love for life.

At the same time, Sudhi who is till then tuned and trained only to murder, happens to save a life. For Sudhi, dramatically enough, this opens up the possibility of a fresh being far better than the nothingness of his earlier self.

He is the only one alive who can save Thomas from the executioner. If he decides to die, he can let the innocent Thomas live. It is possible if he lives till he reaches the court hall.

Pakarnnaattam   revolves around

  • The questions of loyalty to oneself, one’s family and a cadre party.
  • The issues of jurisprudence, human rights and death sentence.
  • The feelings of love, devotion and sacrifice.

Cast & Crew

Ganesh Pictures
Ravi kottarakkara

Star Cast
Sabitha Jayaraj, Jayaram

Seenu Murukkumpuzha

Kailas Menon


Sobhin K Soman

Adv.C.P Udayabanu

Written By