Jayaraj could rightly be named for the most unpredictable director in terms of his films outcome. Last month, film journalists were busy to write off his earlier venture Aswaroodan which served as a nightmare for many. And in another month, with the film that he started after the ill fate of the former at the box office, Jayaraj is able to deliver his charisma of senisitive film making, with ease. This time with a film in the background of nostalgic rural outfits he is saying a story to please every family.
In Aanachandam, Jayaram as Krishnaprasad is obsessively in love with elephants. He is even termed as a living data bank on the location and details of domesticated elephants in the state. His fancy for the animal started from his childhood when he was once spared for life by an elephant which got intolerant amidst a temple festival. Thereafter he is there for every activity which has any distant connection with the animal. 

Krishnaprasad, as we and every member of his family expects, faces many problems from every quarter, due to his excess interest in the animals. He hails from a well to do family, could not keep his home well just because he earmarked more time for the mammal, than for his family. The main problem that he faced was from Aniruddhan, the president of the local bank and the land lord who reared many elephants, just to make money. His love angle with Gauri, played by Ramya Nambeesan also provides him with adversities as at a stage, he has to take care of the Gauri and her mother due to their financial difficulties. And then towards the interval, the protagonist decides to adopt Arjunan, an elephant severely injured in a road accident. This adds to sad state of financial affairs of the hero. The rest of the film holds you to let you know how the hero triumphs over the adversities that he faced solely due to his elephant fancy. 

The film's story by Sudheesh John very well reminds of the Mohanlal starrers of the nineties like Midhunam and Varavelppu. But the quality humor by the best team of Malayalam cinema like Innocent, Cochin Haneefa and Salim Kumar holds the film from major casualities. Jagathy Sreekumar, as the inspector from the Animal Welfare Board, gets loud applause through out the film. 

Jayaram as usual stick to his strengths in depicting another ordinary character and tries hard to make it lifelike. Ramya Nambeesan, the debutee finds its good going and refreshing enough for a village based flick. 

The other prominent cast includes Saikumar, Jagadheesh, K.P.A. C. Lalitha and Bindhu Panikkar. A little mention must also be made about the new team in music, by debutant Jaison J. Nair and P.C.Arvindan who has made some hummable melodies for the film. 
Aanachandam is a film worth watching, which won't create headache with complicated characterizations and unwanted dialogues. So, just be there to watch a simple, beautiful flick.

Cast & Crew

Tip top saleem, Samad Mankada

Star Cast
Jayaram, Remya Nambeeshan, Jagathy Sreekumar, Cochin Haneefa, K. P. A. C. Lalitha, Innocent


Jaison j nair

P.c. Aravindan
Kanesh punooru


Written By
Subeesh john